Construction Equipment Names To Know

Construction Equipment Names To Know


Knowing construction equipment names is essential when working on a construction site. You should know the names of the excavator, backhoe loader, mechanical shovel, earthmover, and other construction equipment. Here are some of them: Let’s start with the grader.¬†Find here affordable construction equipment rental companies.


This machine has a long blade that enables you to grade a surface flatly. It is also known as a road grader, road blade, or road maintainer. Its major use is in road construction and road maintenance on dirt and gravel roads. Remember always to wear a safety helmet while working on construction sites. This is important because you could get injured without wearing one.


Excavators are heavy-duty construction machines that can dig trenches and build foundations. They come in two primary styles: wheeled and tracked. Since these machines are large and heavy, they cannot be driven on roads. However, they are essential for large-scale construction projects. Other common construction equipment includes loaders, which move and load large building materials. They typically have a large bucket on the front end to collect and move materials.

Backhoe loader

When operating a backhoe loader, it’s important to know the names of its four main components. Each one has a specific purpose. For example, a backhoe is used for digging, and a front-end loader is used for transportation.

Mechanical shovel

If you are familiar with construction equipment, you might have already encountered the Mechanical shovel. It is a machine used for digging and loading materials. It has a revolving deck, an engine, and control mechanisms. The shovel’s attachment is attached to a cable or winch drum controlled by a lever. Another common type of shovel is the hydraulic one, which has an engine-driven pump and is operated with electricity.


A trencher is one of the most important earthmoving equipment on a construction site. These machines create a deep trench and clear obstructions from the ground. Utility companies also use them for underground piping and drainage.

Plumb bob

If you are working on a construction project, you must know the names of some of the construction equipment. A plumb bob is a piece of equipment used for vertical measurements. It is a simple tool and fairly inexpensive. It’s also easy to use and set up. If you’re concerned about the accuracy of your work, a plumb bob could be the perfect tool for the job.

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