Ways To Strengthen Bones And Reduce Orthopedic Visits

Ways To Strengthen Bones And Reduce Orthopedic Visits


Strong bones protect the internal organs and support the muscles. They also carry us through our daily lives and support many physical activities. Without strong bones, we cannot play sports or participate in social activities. Children, in particular, need strong bones to enjoy physical activities. Here are some tips for strengthening bones for optimal bone health. See over here to find anĀ orthopedic doctor in Dubai.

Exercise helps prevent osteoporosis:

Exercise can help prevent osteoporosis in many different ways. It can keep your weight in check, regulate blood pressure, and strengthen your muscles. Exercise can also help prevent fractures and falls. While it’s not the best method to prevent osteoporosis, it can certainly help.

Weight-bearing exercises are especially good for your bones. Specifically, weightlifting can increase bone strength, particularly in your arms and legs. Strength-training exercises can also help lower your risk of falling. They also increase your cardiovascular fitness. And they can even lower your risk of heart disease, which increases with age.

Non-weight-bearing exercises strengthen bones:

Weight-bearing exercises and strength training have been associated with strong bones. These activities build muscle mass that supports bones and encourage new bone formation. They also help reduce inflammation and slow down bone turnover. Some examples of weight-bearing exercises include walking, jogging, and elliptical machines. These exercises are also great cardiovascular workouts. However, before beginning an exercise program, consult a physician to ensure it is safe for you and your bones.

Strengthening exercises are also recommended for older adults because they can help improve balance and posture. People who have broken a bone or are recovering from an injury should begin an exercise program with a physical therapist. This can be done through weight-bearing exercises or non-weight-bearing exercises. However, those with osteoporosis should not do any exercise that places too much stress on the joints.

Natural supplements improve bone health:

One of the best ways to maintain bone health is to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Magnesium is one of our bodies’ most important minerals for proper bone growth and health. Ideally, we should consume 250 to 400 milligrams of magnesium per day. Food sources for magnesium are dark green vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Another important mineral for bone health is potassium, which needs to be consumed in adequate amounts. Vitamin K helps our bones absorb these minerals.

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