Different Types of Window Tinting

Window Tinting is a process that entails pasting of colored thin film made of polyester on the windows of a car also known as car tinting in Dubai, in order to prevent sunlight and heat from entering inside. It involves the use of dark colors mostly black and brown and today a large part of the industry is into pasting films of varied colors on windows found in shopping malls, business centers, apartments, studios and several other buildings. Here are some of the various kinds of window tinting:

Ceramic window tints- These are modern technology tints that reduce Ultraviolet rays by 80%. No dyes are contained in these tints hence they do not causes discoloration. They cost around 20-25% more than the metallic tints containing dyes. Ceramic tints also reduce vast amount of sun’s rays and prevent heat.

Security films- These security films have the capacity to sustain the impact of a bomb blast and bullets. They are made from heavy- gauge plastic that prevents the glass from shattering also in case of hurricanes and cyclones. These glass tints are mostly preferred by VIPs and ministers to use in their cars.

Privacy window tints- They are commonly seen in many offices and houses to keep their privacy. These tints make the glass opaque or translucent from one side and the silvering done allows a person sitting in the office to have a look at the activities going on outside while the people outside cannot see inside. The privacy tint converts a glass into a one-sided mirror.

Graphic design window tints- They are used as glass art on buildings and offices. These tints use a chemical known as vinyl for coloration. There are multiple benefits of using these tints as they serve as barriers to sunlight enhancing the beauty of the glass art.

Window tints are useful and have many advantages but people also use it for illegal things like committing crimes in a tinted car such as rapes, murder, theft and many more. Therefore several countries have different laws that allow only the use of tints having certain Visible Light Transmission (VLT).

So, when you purchase a new car, apart from other added features like navigation system, rust prevention or paint protection in Dubai, also opt for car window tinting.

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